Council’s 2011 Plan

Fermanagh District Council and other Funders already Funded and Endorsed a Plan for Irvinestown which favoured that the Community controlled and operated Necarne for Economic Benefit of the Community.

Irvinestown Integrated Village Action Plan 2011

Socioeconomic Characteristics ( Note; This evidenced needs for Health and Wellbeing to be a priority need and that the recreational space was within walking distance of the village as 38.7% have no car – Irvinestown has no zoned recreation area – Necarne has always been and is the communities recreation area – and this must be protected)

Very high proportion (38.7%) of people had a limited long term illness, health problem or disability. (Compared with 19.2% for Fermanagh and 20.4% for Northern Ireland.

A much higher proportion of householders in Irvinestown had no car (38.6%) than Fermanagh (20.4%) or Northern Ireland (26.3%) again this reflects the relatively urban society of the village.

Area is heavily deprived in relation to Health and Disability (19.3%)

Key Issues and Findings

This is probably one of the major issues that has been raised by almost every single person consulted in Irvinestown. There appears to be major antipathy towards Fermanagh District Council for letting, what the community consider to be “Irvinestown’s greatest asset and the jewel in the Crown”, run into a poor state of repair, with no viable or sustainable strategy for its long-term utilisation. ITEC has serious concerns about the future of the Castle itself and there is a view that the Castle needs to be “stabilised” at the absolute minimum. The community believe that there are a number of buildings on this site which were constructed to an extremely high standard but some of them have never been used at all.
Necarne Features in SWOT Analysis

Weakness is that Necarne is not within the control of the local community – they cannot determine its usage or its future;

Opportunities in Converting Necarne Site into a community economic resource;

Threats re Necarne – DARD pulling out and site and Castle and lands may be sold to private sector, with uncertain impacts on local economy

Recommendations / Actions

Make Necarne Safe Priority HIGH

Apply for Funding to Ulster Architectural Heritage Society to Protect the Structure and Comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

Secure Financial Assistance from Other Funding Sources, Undertake Protection Works

Lobby Council on Future of Necarne Priority HIGH

Formally Approach FDC about Necarne and Its Future
Seek Precise Clarification on Council’s Strategy for Necarne, and
Decide How the Community Can Protect This Facility

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