January 2017 Community Survey

On 8th of January 2017 we ran an online survey via Survey Monkey, asking key questions we considered it important to obtain feed back from the community on.  The survey allowed for 100 people to respond, which they did. We are conscious of the lack opportunity for input from the community into the Council’s chosen process to decide the future on Necarne, and the upcoming presentation to the council by the council’s ‘chosen’ bidder (apparently not yet preferred)  and meeting of the Policy  and Resources  Committee on the 11th of January. We have no way of knowing if Necarne is to be discussed on Jan 11th or not as the Council have decided not to list Necarne on the meeting’s agenda on their website. There is only mention of “Confidential Matters” which is used to discuss Necarne, also resulting in press being unable to report what is happening.  The link to this web page showing  the results of the survey were emailed to councillors on the 9th of January, along with links from our website to the ‘Relevant Council Policies’ (which we need to remind Councillors of)  and  ‘Council’s 2006 Report on Necarne’ (another report on Necarne  which we need to highlight to  Councillors as they consider the future of Necarne) Both tabs referred to can be found on our website home page.

The link below shows the results from the online survey.