What To Do

Here is our ideas on how to help.

Empower yourself or your group with information on this site.

Knowledge is power and it will give you confidence to help make democracy work for you.

Click here for link to Freedom of Information Requests to Council

Contact your local councillors in Fermanagh Omagh District Council

Click Here for Link to Councillors Contact Details

Phone them as well as emailing them.

If you are a carer for someone with disabilities – explain benefits to Councillors.

Explain your needs to Councillors and ask them what they are going to do.

Ask Councillors what their policy on this is and if they support Saving Necarne for Community or the Councils lease process. Ask them what they are going to do for you and when.

Phone different parties and find out who is going to do what.

Tell them what you expect them to do

Write to the council’s Chief Executive and Chairperson

Let us know about about any responses you get on the issues.

Like our Facebook page Saving Necarne

Watch out for updates, events etc and respond as requested.

Like and share posts from page and comment with how you feel.

You can also write letters or talk to press about how you feel about this.

If there are any organisations like Disability Action, Equality Commission or Autism Charity or other Sporting organisation you are connected to – try to get them to support this.

If you have any suggestions or ideas message us and let us know

If you can help in anyway, let us know.

If you have any particular skills or resources that might help, let us know

If you feel your needs or aspirations for Necarne are not reflected in how we are proceeding please let us know by emailing liberty.hill@btinternet.com

If your represent a group, charity, care home, or other organisation or club with a group need please email us about that need at liberty.hill@btinternet.com